Circle of Light

A Solar Halo: Circle of Light

Yesterday was one of the few nice spring days we’ve had so far, but it still was a bit crisp. The sky was blue but there were also some clouds. Some cirrus clouds got in front of the sun and brought ice crystals with them. These reflected and refracted the white sunlight splitting it up into its various colors and forming a circular halo around the Sun. A really beautiful sight.

Author: Gabriele Golissa

Gabriele Golissa is an independent author and fine art photographer. Her book 'Skies/Himmel' won a prize at the 2017 International Photography awards. While she has a passion for skies, she also has a Master of Arts in Disease Prevention and Health Management and in this context focuses on the issue of a healthy lifestyle. She is a Qigong teacher and has assisted the Qigong Expert Society with preparing and conducting study trips to Beijing.