‘Sun and Moon’ E-Book Available for Preorder

Both e-book-versions of Sun and Moon / Sonne und Mond are now available for preorder on Amazon and iBooks/iTunes respectively. You can also download a sample of the e-book on iBooks. Unfortunately, Amazon allows neither a preview nor the downloading of a sample during preorder. If you would like to take a look at some sample pages from the print version instead, you can do that here.

Author: Gabriele Golissa

Gabriele Golissa is an independent author and fine art photographer. Her book 'Skies/Himmel' won a prize at the 2017 International Photography awards. While she has a passion for skies, she also has a Master of Arts in Disease Prevention and Health Management and in this context focuses on the issue of a healthy lifestyle. She is a Qigong teacher and has assisted the Qigong Expert Society with preparing and conducting study trips to Beijing.